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Upload Your Own Sik Original

Upload Your Own Sik Original2018-06-18T10:55:59+00:00

Welcome to Sik-Nastee’s specialty, creating shirts, customized, for you, the “Sik Nastee” way, created by you and printed by us. No matter what your skill level, our “Sik Original T-Shirt Creator” is easy to use and allows you to create the shirt you want, customizing it ANY way you want, just how we like it. We’ve messed with it ourselves and created some Nastee stuff, so we know you’ll do 10x better! For those of you who are less inclined and simply want us to make it, please submit your image at the bottom of this page and we’ll make it Sik-Nastee for you! If you have any issues/questions, please email us at sales@siknastee.com and we’ll make sure you’re good. Join us in making t-shirts great again!

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OR you can simply upload your own image and we’ll do the rest!