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We use the latest technology in the printing industry!

Sik Nastee Apparel Co. uses the latest technology in the shirt printing industry to provide professional, garments that last the test of time. We use the digital, printing method commonly referred to as “Direct to Garment” printing (DTG). This method prints the image directly onto a garment or fabric through a modified version of what’s usually implemented by a traditional inkjet printer. DTG is the best option for apparel decoration when your image has a vast array of colors; in addition, the quality of the image will be better and will “wear” better than screen printed garments.

Our Process

In addition to DTG printing, we also sell t-shirts using "Professional Heat Transfer", which is a simple process. First, an image needs to be chosen, of which we have many to select from in our store. The image is edited and touched-up with color correction to make sure it will look perfect on a t-shirt. Then, using high-quality printers, the imaged is placed onto professional heat transfer paper. This is one of the big differences between Heat Transfer and Iron-On. Iron-On uses lower grade paper that needs lower heat for the transfer to work. High-quality heat transfer paper needs special machinery with higher temperatures to effectively work.

Once the professional heat transfer paper has the image printed onto it, the image is hand cut from the paper with only a small amount of border around the image to ensure durability. The image is then placed on a shirt and positioned onto a commercial Heat Press. A Heat Press is like a giant iron with heavier force (hundreds of pounds of pressure to be exact) and perfectly distributed temperatures. When the Heat Press is placed atop the shirt and design, the Heat Transfer paper melts into the fibers of the clothing thus making it part of the shirt without disturbing the top image. So now, theoretically, you would have a picture perfect images on your shirt.

That’s pretty Sik-Nastee!!!