Welcome, Patriots!
SikNastee.com is the site for you!

We are your supplier of all things celebrating our great country, The United States of America!

Started in 2018 by two patriots, Michael and Monica Domanico, we provide our customers with all things patriotic, including apparel items, flags, and accessories, celebrating our God-given American freedoms and our precious 2nd Amendment rights. You will also find a selection of self-defense items, including stun guns and tasers. We also love our veterans and have a growing inventory of items celebrating them.

America is the greatest country in the world, so let’s be proud and show it!

The Sik-Nastee Team

Mike and Monica

Michael and Monica Domanico


Out And About.

At Shows and Events.

Gun Show 01
Gun Show 02
Gun Show 12
Gun show 05
Gun show 04
Gun show 03
Mike In The Mall
Mike Making Friends

From The Past.

SikNastee Tee Yellow
SikNastee Tee Black


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